1960 Willys Station Wagon with 475horses under the hood.

We built this 60’s legend as a total sleeper. Custom frame, engine, suspension and steering on a stock body. Only a few hints are giving it away. The exhaust has a dash controled valve so it you can control the rumble of the beast from a close to open exhaust to a very discreet and sophisticated modern sounding engine.

The result is impressive. It will take the old lady from zero to sixty in less than 5 seconds, turn absolutely every head on the road. The upgraded suspension and steering give it a firm and tight feel. But don’t get too excited… the leather seats won’t hold you from sliping from one side to the other if you play too hard.

The paintjob alone was a five day piece of art crafted to perfection. Airbrushed wood on the pannels, matching 60s Willys colors on the rest of the body. This Jeep is nothing but gorgous and fun to have around.