Built from ground up a little less than ten years ago, this Honcho is definitely the king of the jungle.

This vehicle is number three in our J-10 Honcho Sportside restoration. Out of 1264 vehicles produced by Jeep during the 1980-1982 era, this is probably the finest example to be found worldwide.

This Honcho was restored to the ‘classic old school’ restoration standards and recently upgraded to mass induction electronic fuel injection… the finest EFI system on the market. The vehicle was lifted 6 inches in the back and 4 inches in the front to be able to accomodate the 37 inch tires. We took the Jeep down to its bare frame. The frame was sandblasted, galvanized and powder coated so it would never rust again. The body was media blasted, metalized and painted to the highest standards. Undercarriage was polyureacoated before marrying back with the frame. The drivetrain got rebuilt and upgraded to an AMC 401, the largest engine ever made by AMC in the days. Interior was upholstered to Laredo style high bucket seats and full leather on dash, doorpannels, seats, arm rests, … New old stock bumpers were located as well as the grille. Wiring was completely redone and audio was upgraded to amplified Bluetooth and Sirius.

We could go on for 10 pages of work description and details. Feel free to inquire if curious about more.